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Alberto Biraghi con Leo Fender

I started buying quality guitars in 1974, I started collecting them in 1978 and I kept doing it since then. In these decades I bought and sold several guitars, not for business, but for the pure pleasure of doing it.

In 1997 I bough a new and smaller home, so I had to to reduce my collection, letting go my Blackfaces and the the guitars I did not feel in total empathy with. My collection of electrics dropped to a few, excellent instrument that I selected during the years for an outstanding condition, a perfect playability and a good tone. Some of those guitars appear on this page.

I recently stopped playing the electric, so I decided to sell most of them. As said, my guitars are in perfect original condition, fully original, mantained with the utmost care and - in my opinion - awesome sounding. For this reason the prices are on the high side of the current evaluations. I am well known in the guitar world, so you are safe when dealing with me. Besides this, please note that:

You can get in touch with me at for further requests. - Alberto Biraghi.

Last but not least: usually the guitars ARE NOT IN MY HOME. Since I started this sale thimg I moved them to a safe and unknown place. I bring home some of them only when somebody comes to check them out, then they go back to their safe den.

Fender no-caster 1951 - #0939

April 1951, bought in January 1993 from Gruhn Guitars. I'd describe it as near mint considering the age. Totally original, frets have no wear. Two tuners might have been changed many years ago (or they put mixed tuners in 1951, who knows?). Original case. Museum quality. Price: SOLD

Fender Telecaster 1957 - #21650

Super clean with just some minor finish wear on the neck first positions. Stunning flamed maple neck. Original tweed case. SOLD

Fender Stratocaster 1958 - #34211

So clean it looks like a Closet Classic masterbuilt. Late 50es tone. Perfect fretboard, great tone. Original tweed case. FOR SALE C/O GRUHN GUITARS

Fender Stratocaster 1964 white - #L23574

Very clean, pleasantly yellowed. Perfect fretboard. White tolex case. Gruhn Guitars direct appraisal. FOR SALE C/O GRUHN GUITARS

Fender Telecaster 1964 - #65675

Walter Carter, who sold it to me in 2009 when still working at Gruhn Guitars described it as "the sexiest Telly I ever played". Amazing tone. Used, but not abused. Appears on the cover of ACCORDO's book about Fender story (a copy of the book is included with the guitar). Black tolex case in decent shape. SOLD

Fender Telecaster Thinline 1969 - #270443

Nice 1969 Thinline in the smooth late 60's three tone burst. Excellent ++ with black tolex case. Neck pickup rewound by Gruhn Guitars. FOR SALE C/O GRUHN GUITARS

Fender Telecaster Custom 1975 - #S712942

Sunburst Custom, near mint with black tolex case. Great tone.Bought from Gruhn Guitars. Price: MAKE AN OFFER

Fender Telecaster Thinline CS 1989 - #98

Built by Scott Buehl and dated February 2, 1989, bears a serial number #98, one of the very first guitars built by the just established Fender Custom Shop. Near mint except for a smll ding on the lower side. Fender 80es case. Bought from Gruhn Guitars. Price: MAKE AN OFFER

Gibson Les Paul jr. 1957 - #7-2442

I kept it because is one of the five best sounding guitars I ever heard and played. Period. Professionally refretted after buying it from Gruhn Guitars in the early 90's. Comes with an aftermarket custom case of the same age. Price: MAKE AN OFFER

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